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Fixing cars makes money. People shuffling documents does not!

Service Scanning provides service departments with a document scanning unit for repair order, parts invoices, rental agreements and other documents.

Due to state and federal laws, but more importantly manufacturer’s requirements, proof of the work performed at the dealership on vehicles must be kept for up to 7 years. These requires dealerships to hold thousands and thousands of paper documents, repair orders, and the storage rooms necessary to store this paper.

Filing and storing paper documents is very expensive. At a time when service departments are constantly being asked to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Service scanning has found a way to save time and money while improving the paper filing process.

We were very thoughtful in designing a system that would add lots of value to dealerships, keep costs low, and so easy to use, that users are trained in less than 2 minutes.

Service Scanning provides dealerships with a high end touch screen and a 60 page per minute Kodak scanner. Dealerships do not incur any new equipment costs, Service Scanning owns the equipment, services the equipment for maintenance every 3 months and replaces any parts with no extra cost to the dealership.

By clicking one button users can scan repair order documents. Our software users OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and bar code reading to read the RO (repair order) number from the scanned paper document. Documents are turned into PDF and saved into a secured system for later viewing and retrieval.

Documents can be easily retrieved by last 6 of VIN, repair order number, and customer name via a custom secured viewer which is provided to service advisers, service managers, accounting, warranty administrators and others to see the scanned repair orders.

Here are the main benefits for dealerships using our document scanning unit:

  1. Most dealerships have a file room and a filing clerk. Our scanning unit eliminates the need for expansive file rooms and maintenance, while at the same time substituting the file clerk with a different role allowing them to perform other more important customer facing, money generating tasks.

  2. Our unit is small, easy to use and fits at receptionist or cashier desk, therefore utilizing their "slow time" to perform scanning tasks.

  3. Scanned Repair Order reporting: We are the only product in the industry that can provide reports on repair orders NOT scanned. This is extremely important when faced with warranty audits

  4. Service Scanning software integrates with major car dealer DMS (Dealer Management System).

  5. We service our units (on-site) every 3 months.

  6. Best of all, our pricing: $500 dollars a month, and no long-term contract, just month-to-month.

When we set out to develop our Service Scanning unit, we focused on making the scanning process as simple as possible, low customer service inquiries, and value pricing. We pride ourselves in being a solid, disciplined and consistent dealer partner.


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